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Seans Boredom [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Oct 2008|07:43pm]
its been a long time
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There are wayyyy too many ostriches! [23 Aug 2007|07:35pm]
my fucking GOD
do I love
This life


but first

oh thats right
i went there
what now?
huh? huh?

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box in a cage [01 Aug 2007|03:02pm]
Getting close to classes. Need to get more organized schedule for alpha psi omega, since i'm community service chair now; I'm thinking of running mostly food raisers in the fall, with fund raisers towards cancer research/ relay for life in the spring. I also want to create a few days to help the department: workshop call days for all APO members, storage cleaning, etc. And finally, the actual Milledgeville community... which unfortunately is uncooperative with the school overall, and has so many restrictions on fixing up the area (its "Historic" so many dilapidated houses are not allowed to be touched) that its really going to be walking on eggshells I fear.

As for grades, I need to kick some ass this semester- I have four classes MWF and one Th, plus one possibly Tu, but its my voice class so I can schedule that whenever (its a one on one lesson; very nice because it reserves one hour a semester as practically a free A, while I increase my vocal range).

Probably won't have a car this year since my ol' Explorer is leaking worse than a Kroger maxipad.
On the bright side, there are shuttles to and from West Campus, so I won't have to jog to class every morning (not like I didn't do that last year), but I won't be able to party at other schools (oh well).

I actually came up here to procrastinate looking for a comedic Shakespearean monologue (we're doing The Tempest); I was reading As You Like It and I'm about to start the fourth act, but just sorta takin' a break.

Hmmm, wonder if anyone wants to go to sushi...
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[21 Jul 2007|02:44pm]
heres to you big guy

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[20 Jul 2007|11:51am]
[ mood | idontevenknow ]

so unfortunately no one i know really uses livejournal anymore

but for the moment im situated in xanga (same sn)
if you want a good laugh, or a long, arduous philosophical discussion, you should come join me at the MOAMI proboards.

so with that, i ask you all now:

what of free will and prophecies? it hardly seems that one can exist while the other does, yet both are supposed to, so how is that?
if you don't understand, comment and I shall clarify
if you do, post any thoughts on it
thinking is the only thing I'm good at
come play with me

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[19 Jul 2007|02:58pm]
you know the reason I stopped using LiveJournal.com?
because they wouldn't let me keep my password as just text
I hate putting numbers in it

but ah, i'm here
I use it from time to time

making a playlist ATM:
Don't Stop Believing- Journey
Ob-la-di Ob-la-da- The Beatles
Life Less Ordinary- Carbon Leaf
I'm No Superman- Lazlo Bane
The Killing Moon- Echo & the Bunnymen
Moondance- Van Morrison
The Blowers Daughter- Damien Rice
Collide- Howie Day
Such Great Heights- Postal Service
Edinger- Waking Ashland
Peeing in the Peninsula- Matt Tanaka
I Feel So Much Spring within Me- Original Cast of A New Brain
On The Radio- Regina Spektor

bah, i'll finish it later
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if the world stood to fly [20 Apr 2007|01:14am]
[ mood | chill ]

honestly, I forgot my facebook existed until a few minutes ago

been really busy
not too much sleep lately

trying to figure out what direction I want this summer to take

its hard to say
I do know that I will be playing several games with people from GCSU; Imperial Conflict & WoW
also I plan to work a lot
but I think, since I'll have so much free time, maybe I should try to schedule work around things like rock climbing or hiking or auditions

and thats how life can be


though honestly it'll probably end up a "hot mess" (as brock, my acting instructor, likes to say)

life has been really fucking strange lately

and I'm really not sure where I fit now

which is funny, because I feel more confident in my ability to succeed in things like theatre, but I don't know if I really care- though I think I do, but then how does that relate to my overall purpose of being, and am I being responsible to the universe by being selfish in my adventures in acting, or is that what I am supposed to do or...

i don't really care
really, i don't

I'm happy
I have a minute or two to sit here and think

to chill
to relax

there are things I want
things I should and shouldn't want
but they are all pretty much out of my reach

looks like I'm gonna break a few limbs jumping for them

but it'll be worth it

I'm sure

I kinda feel like drawing

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[22 Feb 2007|01:00am]
i never use this thing anymore

xanga wins
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Subject? SUBJECT? we dont need no stinking subject [14 Dec 2006|12:33pm]
[ mood | blah ]

oh world
the entire place gives me a headache
its so confusing... do we save people who deserve to live and eventually strain the environment beyond its bounds so that the extermination of all human life can begin (with nature's revolt, aka weather effects caused by global warming and abusing the world), or do we let more people die and try to fix as much as we can as fast as we can in our own backyard by installing more efficient power systems, and imlpementing the use of less destructive fuels;
i laugh at people sometimes
i see them too lazy to walk down the street so they drive there
i sat in a park last week eating a scone, sipping my tea and even in milledgeville the number of cars that passed were absurd. i can understand long trips. but most of these people were headed into the downtown; there are shuttles, there are sidewalks- need we jump into the car every time we want to go somewhere? yea, i guess so- i guess people like the control having a personal vehicle allows them, and the ease with which they might travel (versus walking, which i often do simply because i enjoy it).
i can't say that people should turn to more efficient cars, cause i can understand not everyone has that sorta money to throw around, but there are times when ya could just walk. right? i mean, honestly- if its within a mile or two it won't take that long, unless you need to be somewhere urgently; pah whatev

nature has already begun her attack
soon man will either reform or die
i wonder where we will hide
this change will occur in my lifetime
and there are so many ways to slow the onslaught upon the atmosphere and the forests- yknow luaun is nearly depleted because its been chopped down so much

i guess ill get to experience a world wide disaster in my life
so maybe i should be happy
not everyone can say they lived to see the end of the world
but still
itd be nice to fix things, so in my later years i can sit in a park and enjoy some more scones
perhaps play chess
and sip my tea
by then ill have acquired a different taste in tea im sure
but itll still be warm
and itll still be pleasant

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fat peoples lives [26 Sep 2006|02:26pm]
[ mood | yay ]


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Hello World [25 Sep 2006|11:56am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

gee, i sure wish people'd still livejournal
oh well
for the sake of updating, lemmi say
college is an interestng task
im slow- as i have been my whole life, but im attempting to "forge happiness" as best i can
the upperclassmen are great
i wish i could say the same for the other freshman, but they're overall petty right now
hope they grow up
hope i can hang out with the older folk more
nick is amazing though
he's one of the freshmen i don't think i could ever be annoyed at- maybe jealous because he's an amazing actor, but never annoyed or angry
hopefully he stays here at gcsu; starting off his freshman year with two leads and acceptance to musical theatre scenes with another large part (jack/into the woods) i hope he doesnt get bored with the school cause i still got lots to learn from him

my roommate's okay. i like bren, i do- we just don't really click all that well. he's a swell actor and all, but im just not really into laguna beach or degrassi; though i can totally enjoy project runway =D
mmm my desk is strewn with coke cans and poptart wrappers- next weekend ill have another clean up day. this weekend i was workin on shift crew for psychopathia sexualis- i was kinda pulled into it last minute cause they lost someone- fine by me cause i get APO points (theatre fraternity) and i win respect hopefully since i joined without question under short notice.
of course i enjoy it too though =P

im really excited for wednesday- my voice class; well i ordered sheet music from a new brain on amazon cause i remember when justin was listenin to the cd in class last year there was this song- "And they're off" which he seemed to like, and yea it grew on me. well we need one song to work on for the second half of the semester and i think ill try that one. its a bit high- but my range is always increasing so hopefully by the end i can sing it well enough
i don't want to stay in bass/lower baritone work if i can help it. all lead roles seem to be suited toward tenors- and i need to work until my body is capable of handling tenor range music.
my body is an instrument right? well since its a living instrument maybe it can shift itself
i think im gonna take a shower since i woke up at 955 this morning with acting I class at 1000; ran to class (actually wasn't late cause i made the 15 minute walk in 6 minutes and brock just let it slide) and had pizza soup and salad for lunch so im feelin pretty grody

oh, and shop hours for stagecraft are cancelled this week so i have 4 hours off =DDDDDD

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[08 Aug 2006|11:18am]
countin down the days to leaving
still have to:
hang with justin
" " elizabeth
" " zara
see ryan for a bit
see katie for a bit
hike w/dad
learn my monologue
learn a song in case its needed
pick out both the monologue and song... though i think ill just use rosencrantz's box monologue... i wanna see if i can sing that thing from a new brain too- though might be too hard for me
still need to check with bren to see who's bringing what to our room
finish packing
finish clay's quilt
see ali
party at least one night (haven't partied all summer- ={ the craziest thing ive done was that salvia -_-)

things i did do already
hang out with aaron (check)
get school supplies (check)
see adam & adam (check)
oh and i hung out with megan (before she left), jeal, katie, and carolina... and kyle all sometime last week so-*(check)

hmm don't have zara's number- and she's away on aim... actually msged me at 5 in the mornin =P but i msged her at 2:30 so it's fair
need to shower and decide what to do
just updating lj cause i almost never use it for anything but private posts now
and im on xanga all da time

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[09 Jul 2006|04:46am]
anyone remember insomniac with dave attel
ill never forget that show- it had creepy music
ah, but alas my life must have creepy music for i too am now, AN INSOMNIAC!
oh well
sleep is overrated
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[06 Jul 2006|11:52pm]
lonely night
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[01 Jul 2006|05:44pm]
mmm, wondering where my x-com cd is- wanna install it to this computer

listening to an old cd that i never actually played before

played warcraft and violin a little earlier- lost at one, enjoyed the other
i feel things calming down for a minute- or rather becoming rapid enough to be comfortable- since calm itself can scare me; this is near my ideal resting speeed

translation: life is going to be nice and easy for a few days before i get thrown back into the storm which has disappeared for so long

hey, clear skies forever are too boring
i like surviving the tempestuous nature of life- well life as ive chosen to find
or rather as it finds me- i just consider myself deciding since i appreciate it all

then again i can come to appreciate almost anything if i try hard enough

you dont appreciate winning if you never lose

im just sayin in general

well thats it for now, my dear newly revived livejournal
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[01 Jul 2006|03:46pm]
connie is going to straighten my hair and make me into a princess
i guess
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welcome back [30 Jun 2006|03:31am]
haven't updated this in a really long time
i think ill start again
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[28 Mar 2006|07:40am]

rock on
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[10 Mar 2006|07:16am]

You Are 92% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!

Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.

You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.

You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.

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[07 Feb 2006|08:43pm]
for the record- ive been updating xanga a lot more because my audience has moved and im and actor
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