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Seans Boredom

Still Bored

3 May
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  • pyrokirby44us
Heh, call me Sean, or Paw, or Seanypaw, kins, seany,...or Raaa (if u speak pterodactyl), or well... enough about my many names, im pretty bored right now, but basically im here so i mine as well enter some crap. im movin to livejournal cause everyone else is here, it might be better, i don't know,
im just gonna keep xanga and lj now i think
if you want my xanga address just comment and ask, they are different entries but these ones are happier on the whole, and usually make more sense (ya so you probably wont understand the xanga ones, i try touse as few names as possible)
did i mention im really bored?

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